Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Epicuro . Uptown Damansara

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't have lunch on that day and was hungry enough to eat a whole lion by the time dinner comes...

Decided on Epicuro at Uptown after looking at all the awesome pictures online .

The moment i stepped in to the cafe, I love it immediately! Love the whole black wall, yellow chairs with a tinge of grey concept

Love the chalk-like (or was it real chalk?) painting on the wall .

Love how my bag contrasted with the rest of the background .

Ordered ice cappucino . Not a coffee pro but somehow my coffee has a minty aftertaste . Not sure if it's a good sign or bad?

My pulled pork burger was awesome... the pork's saltiness was balanced out with a sunny side up . the salad was crunchy with a sweet sauce (can never remember what sauce)

ordered pumpkin soup as well... Not a big fan of pumpkin but the soup was sooooo creamy and soooooo nice that I cannot remember why I don't like pumpkin in the first place!

Pork loin linguine was not bad as well . The meat is not too 'springy' and the pasta sauce was just enough creamy . None of those 'too-jelak (creamy/rich)-till-i-wanna-puke' sauce...

Epicuro is located at Damansara Uptown near CIMB bank . Facing LDP

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