Wednesday, 13 August 2014

LOKL . Jalan Tun H S Lee

Had a detour a few weeks ago after my chiro appointment . Wanted to go LOKL since ages ago after seeing all the nice pictures online! Brought a book with me, thinking of having a nice quiet time reading while having my daily dose of coffee (working has turned me into a coffee addict) .

But…… we can not always have what we want . And so, that's the start of my not-so-happy afternoon

Parking is a nightmare because it is located along a narrow one way street with no parkings nearby (no cheap ones at least) . I was not very familiar with the roads there and it took me 15min trying to find a nearby parking that is not too expensive. Gave up and parked at the public carpark (RM5 per hour!) about 3 min walk away .

Went in and saw that it was full house. There goes my quiet time . What's with nice cafes and wooden table and those steel chair i wonder? It's like an unwritten rule in the world of cafes : Must have wooden table and steel chair to be cool .

Found my quiet corner near the entrance . Ordered a piccolo and a red velvet cake because i wasnt that hungry . Maybe I am not a pro coffee drinker but the piccolo was so bitter with a smoky smell . Sorry but definitely not my cup of coffee . The red velvet wasn't any better . It is so chewy that it feels like i am eating a 'cakey chewing gum'. Couldn't even finish the cake and i am not the kind of person that leaves food on the table .

Monday, 11 August 2014

The morning after . Jaya One

Took a break from our buying spree for food . All three of us were so hungry by the time we reach Jaya One for the 13th instalment of Markets but was so distracted by all the stalls selling pretty things that it took us another 1 1/2 before we decided to raise the white flag and find food .

We went to the morning after (i wonder what was the story behind the cafe name?) . The interior is like many other cafes . Natural lighting, cozy ambience .

All three of us ordered the american dream . Mine was with scrambled eggs, chicken sausage and beef bacon . It also comes with potato, mushroom, cherry tomatoes and 2 piece of toast .

The potatoes was AWESOME . Baked to perfection with herbs . Ah Mi ordered the lamb sausage . Not a big fan because it has a strong smell . The chicken sausage was better in my opinion .

After craving for cranberry juice for the longest time (can never find things when i want it. hmph!), i finally found a place that serves cranberry . Cranberry is good for the urinary tract . So, drink up!

Me likey their latte! Smells nice, taste nice . Lacking in the coffee art department though . Looks like a hybrid hibiscus + 4 leaves clover . It was creamy enough and i can taste the milky-ness of the latte .