Sunday, 6 July 2014

Grumpy Cyclist . TTDI - not a single soul was grumpy in there

The first thing that Edna told me the moment she came out of the washroom was, "wei, their washroom very nice leh!"

they were open til 2am for the whole ramadan month and this is the 1st time grumpy cyclist is serving dinner..

dragged the girl that just came back from UK for a western style dinner when all she is craving for is economy rice... oh well, majority wins

i really love all this nice cafes that has been popping up around KL and PJ because of them emphasized on friendly service . Which in my book, gives them extra 80 points!

Awesome lighting calls for a mandatory selfie shot . And also because it was a good hair day (night)

The interior was really nice.. i especially love the tall tables and stools and the hanging bicycle .

Ordered a latte . Don't quite like it . So bitter I can smell the bitterness from 50cm away! It has this sour, burnt smell to it . And I thought latte is supposed to be milky? Or maybe my coffee bud has been destroyed by Starbucks .

The food was really good though . Will definitely go back there for the breakfast!

Chicken Oh Chicken was awesome so awesome! the chicken was well marinated . the meat was very tender and juice . the mash potato has lil chunks of potato in it . Nyummy~~~

Beef steak was nyums! juicy and tender . The sauce was awesome!

Pesto was my absolute favorite so I couldn't resist ordering the pesto pasta when I saw it on the menu . Pesto pasta with bacon . The pasta was flavored well albeit a lil dry . One minor thing that irked me though was the fact that the pasta noodles were all broken into small pieces making it a must to eat with the help of a spoon . But no complains there.. yummy noodles are still yummy, long stringy or short stumpy...

Also, had the brown butter chocolate with pecan (i think?) brownie . The brownie was warm . Not too sweet and the pecan nut was a great addition... But it was so hard that we had to scrape off bits and pieces to eat . Impossible to fork it by pieces because it will come crumbling down...

I wanted to try their breakfast soooo much!!!
Will definitely come back some other day!
And I've been hearing so many good reviews about their breakfast menu . Why ew no serve all-day breakfast!

Red velvet seems to be a popular choice among the diners . Didnt get to try it though . Next time next time! There is always next time~

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