Sunday, 20 July 2014

Frisky Goat . TTDI

this was my second visit to frisky goat . Went there once for brunch and it was awesome!
frisky goat was not part of the plan today because my goal is to visit every single cafe in pj and kl before i start repeating .

But lady luck is not on or side (seems like lady luck is taking a long nap this year or is on a working holiday trip away from malaysia?) . Coffee Amo at TTDI was closed or at least seems closed . Wanted to go thursdvys instead but it was close as well . So, frisky goat it is!

Ordered a ham sandwich (I have no idea how do you pronounce the name of the dish let alone spell it!) . It comes w fries and salad . The bread was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside . I have no idea what it was coated with . Was too hungry to care anyway . Had a disappointing lunch so I wolfed down my food the moment it was served . All I know was I was busy chewing while making yums noises .

The mushroom carbonara was awesome as well! super thick and creamy and made of real ingredients . None of those half heartedly prepared carbonara sauce that is either too watery or too cheesy .

During our first visit, I ordered the eggs en cocotte which is basically baked eggs with cherry tomatoes base with bacon, sausages, cheese and cream in between . If heaven is baked, I think that is how it will look like… It also came with toast .

The egg benedict on belgium waffles was impressive . In fact, I think all the food here are impressive! They really are very serious about food! crispy waffles combines with eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce . Perfect!

Brunch is not brunch if you don't order coffee!

The interior is a lil bit dark for me though . I prefer brighter environment with nicer lighting . But this is quite cosy (just not photo friendly) =)

I think frisky goat serves one of the best breakfast in town . Their pricing is a lil bit on the high side; be prepared to spend about RM30 per person but it is definitely worth it…
A cafe that is serious about their food can't go too wrong!

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