Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dreamz Bakery . The Strand Kota Damansara

This place is really dreamy with all the cute wall deco, dim lighting with green wall .

They also sell a lot of sweets from the 90s (ah! nostalgia....) and lots of this and that (bears, necklaces, cookies)

Honestly speaking, this place doesn't impress me much . The deco was too cluttered . Alot of wall decal, stickers, displays . One year ago, this all might appeal to me, but I think I've grown to appreciate a more minimalistic design . Nevertheless, it is still a cozy place to hang out in with partitions for different part of the cafe so you can get a lil more privacy when the place is not so crowded .

My favourite item from the menu has to be the fruit tea with wild honey . So much fruit mixed together (don't ask me what fruits... My taste bud fail max when it comes to identifying combinations)

Ordered an egg salad because I had a huge lunch (a mountain of rice to be exact) . I don't quite like it . Too much vinegar (or whichever sour sauce they used) . The vege was fresh and crispy though .

The duck pasta was really nice! The sauce was just nice, not too salty while the meat doesn't have a strong duck(?) smell . A nice touch of fusion .

Bolognese pasta was a tad too sour for me . But then again I've never liked tomatoes to begin with . So it's probably just me because my friends enjoyed it .

The vanilla cake was really creamy and full of flavor . Love it!! The banana choc was not bad as well . Not as sweet but the banana really stood out compared to choc . Just like a choc banana cake but layered .

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