Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Mugshot Cafe . Chulia Street, Georgetown

Was back in Penang over the weekend for a short break . Managed to visit the cafe everyone was talking about ages ago which makes me a super outdated person in the cafe hopping world . But oh well, better late than never…

Dragged mum for brunch at the mugshot cafe . Had to park super far and walked under the hot sun with a few detours here and there .

Mum wanted to show me this new painting in town . Artist - unknown .

Reached mugshot after a few more distractions . Blame the short attention span in me! ><

I love the cafe's atmosphere . Buzzing with activities yet not too crowded or noisy . I see couples sitting outside the cafe for a smoke , just chilling . Watching the rest of the world past by without a care in the world because this is their vacation and they deserved to daydream all day if they feel like it .

Inside the cafe, friendly waiters greeted you with a wide smile, eager to serve you . The chairs and tables were made of wood . It reminded my mum of her schooling days . We shared a large table with 1 lady and 2 friends . So near yet we were all engrossed in our own bubble; sharing yet having our own privacy .

Ordered the mango and walnut yogurt which I absolutely love! The yogurt was thick and creamy (homemade i suspect?) with small chunks of mangoes and walnuts . Love the combination . Abit on the  sour side but if you love yogurts I reckon you will like this .

I had the bagel with bacon and egg . You can't go wrong with bacon! The crispiness of the bagel was just nice . Not too hard . Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside . The combination of bacon and egg was perfect . A safe choice I would say .

Mum had the bagel with salmon and cream cheese . Personally, not a big fan of salmon (in fact, not a fan at all) but mum said the salmon was really fresh .

My ice latte was a lil bit bitter for an amateur coffee drinker like me but it smells really nice and the bitterness was enough to wake me up after watching World Cup last night (yay to Germany!)

Walked around the cafe a lil bit before we leave .

Again, I was distracted by so many things on our walk back even though we used the same route to get to the cafe . Oh well, Penang does that to you I think… It has this magic that makes you enjoy your walk even when the sun is cooking you..


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