Thursday, 24 July 2014

DIY - Brush Holder

Decided to DIY a brush holder after seeing it on pinterest .  I have no talent in arts, so easy-peasy DIYs are my favorite .

Ingredients :
- salt (rock salt if possible because it has a rougher texture, so the color will turn out nicer)
- chalk (any color you like but pick darker shades)
- a glass

Pour as much salt as you want (make sure to pour more than the amount you want for your first layer) . Rub chalk all over it to color the salt . You will see the salt getting darker .

Once it reaches the correct shade that you want, pour the salt into the glass . Add on salt into the leftover and continue rubbing until you got the correct shade for your second layer .

Keep on repeating until you get to the lightest shade . That should be your final layer .

And that's it! a nice brush holder for all your brushes . Took me less than 15 min .

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