Thursday, 24 July 2014

DIY - Brush Holder

Decided to DIY a brush holder after seeing it on pinterest .  I have no talent in arts, so easy-peasy DIYs are my favorite .

Ingredients :
- salt (rock salt if possible because it has a rougher texture, so the color will turn out nicer)
- chalk (any color you like but pick darker shades)
- a glass

Pour as much salt as you want (make sure to pour more than the amount you want for your first layer) . Rub chalk all over it to color the salt . You will see the salt getting darker .

Once it reaches the correct shade that you want, pour the salt into the glass . Add on salt into the leftover and continue rubbing until you got the correct shade for your second layer .

Keep on repeating until you get to the lightest shade . That should be your final layer .

And that's it! a nice brush holder for all your brushes . Took me less than 15 min .

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Frisky Goat . TTDI

this was my second visit to frisky goat . Went there once for brunch and it was awesome!
frisky goat was not part of the plan today because my goal is to visit every single cafe in pj and kl before i start repeating .

But lady luck is not on or side (seems like lady luck is taking a long nap this year or is on a working holiday trip away from malaysia?) . Coffee Amo at TTDI was closed or at least seems closed . Wanted to go thursdvys instead but it was close as well . So, frisky goat it is!

Ordered a ham sandwich (I have no idea how do you pronounce the name of the dish let alone spell it!) . It comes w fries and salad . The bread was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside . I have no idea what it was coated with . Was too hungry to care anyway . Had a disappointing lunch so I wolfed down my food the moment it was served . All I know was I was busy chewing while making yums noises .

The mushroom carbonara was awesome as well! super thick and creamy and made of real ingredients . None of those half heartedly prepared carbonara sauce that is either too watery or too cheesy .

During our first visit, I ordered the eggs en cocotte which is basically baked eggs with cherry tomatoes base with bacon, sausages, cheese and cream in between . If heaven is baked, I think that is how it will look like… It also came with toast .

The egg benedict on belgium waffles was impressive . In fact, I think all the food here are impressive! They really are very serious about food! crispy waffles combines with eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce . Perfect!

Brunch is not brunch if you don't order coffee!

The interior is a lil bit dark for me though . I prefer brighter environment with nicer lighting . But this is quite cosy (just not photo friendly) =)

I think frisky goat serves one of the best breakfast in town . Their pricing is a lil bit on the high side; be prepared to spend about RM30 per person but it is definitely worth it…
A cafe that is serious about their food can't go too wrong!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Mugshot Cafe . Chulia Street, Georgetown

Was back in Penang over the weekend for a short break . Managed to visit the cafe everyone was talking about ages ago which makes me a super outdated person in the cafe hopping world . But oh well, better late than never…

Dragged mum for brunch at the mugshot cafe . Had to park super far and walked under the hot sun with a few detours here and there .

Mum wanted to show me this new painting in town . Artist - unknown .

Reached mugshot after a few more distractions . Blame the short attention span in me! ><

I love the cafe's atmosphere . Buzzing with activities yet not too crowded or noisy . I see couples sitting outside the cafe for a smoke , just chilling . Watching the rest of the world past by without a care in the world because this is their vacation and they deserved to daydream all day if they feel like it .

Inside the cafe, friendly waiters greeted you with a wide smile, eager to serve you . The chairs and tables were made of wood . It reminded my mum of her schooling days . We shared a large table with 1 lady and 2 friends . So near yet we were all engrossed in our own bubble; sharing yet having our own privacy .

Ordered the mango and walnut yogurt which I absolutely love! The yogurt was thick and creamy (homemade i suspect?) with small chunks of mangoes and walnuts . Love the combination . Abit on the  sour side but if you love yogurts I reckon you will like this .

I had the bagel with bacon and egg . You can't go wrong with bacon! The crispiness of the bagel was just nice . Not too hard . Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside . The combination of bacon and egg was perfect . A safe choice I would say .

Mum had the bagel with salmon and cream cheese . Personally, not a big fan of salmon (in fact, not a fan at all) but mum said the salmon was really fresh .

My ice latte was a lil bit bitter for an amateur coffee drinker like me but it smells really nice and the bitterness was enough to wake me up after watching World Cup last night (yay to Germany!)

Walked around the cafe a lil bit before we leave .

Again, I was distracted by so many things on our walk back even though we used the same route to get to the cafe . Oh well, Penang does that to you I think… It has this magic that makes you enjoy your walk even when the sun is cooking you..

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dreamz Bakery . The Strand Kota Damansara

This place is really dreamy with all the cute wall deco, dim lighting with green wall .

They also sell a lot of sweets from the 90s (ah! nostalgia....) and lots of this and that (bears, necklaces, cookies)

Honestly speaking, this place doesn't impress me much . The deco was too cluttered . Alot of wall decal, stickers, displays . One year ago, this all might appeal to me, but I think I've grown to appreciate a more minimalistic design . Nevertheless, it is still a cozy place to hang out in with partitions for different part of the cafe so you can get a lil more privacy when the place is not so crowded .

My favourite item from the menu has to be the fruit tea with wild honey . So much fruit mixed together (don't ask me what fruits... My taste bud fail max when it comes to identifying combinations)

Ordered an egg salad because I had a huge lunch (a mountain of rice to be exact) . I don't quite like it . Too much vinegar (or whichever sour sauce they used) . The vege was fresh and crispy though .

The duck pasta was really nice! The sauce was just nice, not too salty while the meat doesn't have a strong duck(?) smell . A nice touch of fusion .

Bolognese pasta was a tad too sour for me . But then again I've never liked tomatoes to begin with . So it's probably just me because my friends enjoyed it .

The vanilla cake was really creamy and full of flavor . Love it!! The banana choc was not bad as well . Not as sweet but the banana really stood out compared to choc . Just like a choc banana cake but layered .

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Grumpy Cyclist . TTDI - not a single soul was grumpy in there

The first thing that Edna told me the moment she came out of the washroom was, "wei, their washroom very nice leh!"

they were open til 2am for the whole ramadan month and this is the 1st time grumpy cyclist is serving dinner..

dragged the girl that just came back from UK for a western style dinner when all she is craving for is economy rice... oh well, majority wins

i really love all this nice cafes that has been popping up around KL and PJ because of them emphasized on friendly service . Which in my book, gives them extra 80 points!

Awesome lighting calls for a mandatory selfie shot . And also because it was a good hair day (night)

The interior was really nice.. i especially love the tall tables and stools and the hanging bicycle .

Ordered a latte . Don't quite like it . So bitter I can smell the bitterness from 50cm away! It has this sour, burnt smell to it . And I thought latte is supposed to be milky? Or maybe my coffee bud has been destroyed by Starbucks .

The food was really good though . Will definitely go back there for the breakfast!

Chicken Oh Chicken was awesome so awesome! the chicken was well marinated . the meat was very tender and juice . the mash potato has lil chunks of potato in it . Nyummy~~~

Beef steak was nyums! juicy and tender . The sauce was awesome!

Pesto was my absolute favorite so I couldn't resist ordering the pesto pasta when I saw it on the menu . Pesto pasta with bacon . The pasta was flavored well albeit a lil dry . One minor thing that irked me though was the fact that the pasta noodles were all broken into small pieces making it a must to eat with the help of a spoon . But no complains there.. yummy noodles are still yummy, long stringy or short stumpy...

Also, had the brown butter chocolate with pecan (i think?) brownie . The brownie was warm . Not too sweet and the pecan nut was a great addition... But it was so hard that we had to scrape off bits and pieces to eat . Impossible to fork it by pieces because it will come crumbling down...

I wanted to try their breakfast soooo much!!!
Will definitely come back some other day!
And I've been hearing so many good reviews about their breakfast menu . Why ew no serve all-day breakfast!

Red velvet seems to be a popular choice among the diners . Didnt get to try it though . Next time next time! There is always next time~