Monday, 23 June 2014

A new kind of water .

Fruits infused water

My new addiction . They taste awesome . And it is a good way to force myself to drink more water .

- mint leaves
- lemon
- strawberries

Amount of ingredient is totally up to you. If u like mint, add more mint . If you like lemon, squeeze in more .
I added one lemon, about 10 small mint leaves and 15 mini strawberries . Sliced the lemon and cut the strawberries but don't cut all the way, just halves it . Lightly chop the mint before dumping everything into the bottle . Add water and put it in the fridge overnight . Drink it during the day and add water once the bottle is 2/3 full .

Strawberries - has antioxidant nutrient and is packed with vitamin C
Lemon - aids weight loss
Mint - helps with indigestion and has a cooling effect

- watermelon
- lemon

Bought a quarter of watermelon and was able to make this 3 times . Add in 1/3 from that quarter of watermelon and one lemon . Stir it with a knife and put it in the fridge overnight . 
Perfect remedy for summer! 

Watermelon - prevents cardiovascular illness and is packed with all sorts of vitamin . Most importantly, taste refreshing and juicy and sweet!

I personally prefer the watermelon one cuz it's sweeter and I am not a big fan of mint . 

Will try blueberries and lemon next week . And maybe a citrus combination next . 
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