Wednesday, 13 August 2014

LOKL . Jalan Tun H S Lee

Had a detour a few weeks ago after my chiro appointment . Wanted to go LOKL since ages ago after seeing all the nice pictures online! Brought a book with me, thinking of having a nice quiet time reading while having my daily dose of coffee (working has turned me into a coffee addict) .

But…… we can not always have what we want . And so, that's the start of my not-so-happy afternoon

Parking is a nightmare because it is located along a narrow one way street with no parkings nearby (no cheap ones at least) . I was not very familiar with the roads there and it took me 15min trying to find a nearby parking that is not too expensive. Gave up and parked at the public carpark (RM5 per hour!) about 3 min walk away .

Went in and saw that it was full house. There goes my quiet time . What's with nice cafes and wooden table and those steel chair i wonder? It's like an unwritten rule in the world of cafes : Must have wooden table and steel chair to be cool .

Found my quiet corner near the entrance . Ordered a piccolo and a red velvet cake because i wasnt that hungry . Maybe I am not a pro coffee drinker but the piccolo was so bitter with a smoky smell . Sorry but definitely not my cup of coffee . The red velvet wasn't any better . It is so chewy that it feels like i am eating a 'cakey chewing gum'. Couldn't even finish the cake and i am not the kind of person that leaves food on the table .

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  1. Haha, so true about the wooden table & steel chair for maximum coolness. It must be a rule somewhere. :]

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